2019 Azek / Timbertech New Products Seminar

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The dREamodel Team recently attended a product training seminar presented by Azek / Timbertech and hosted by Wasau Supply in Lakeville, MN.

Here is a brief rundown of the material we covered.

1)  New decking categories:

Azek / Timbertech will be offering 3 categories of low maintenance decking material.   All Timbertech / Azek products come with a 30-year transferable warranty.


-Timbertech Edge is a polyethylene composite with 3 capped sides.  This product is available in 4 colors for the square profile.  A scalloped profile will be available in 2 colors and will be priced to compete against cedar wood decking.  The reliefing of the board profile will bring down the cost without affecting performance.

-Timbertech Pro is a polyethylene composite board that is encapsulated on all 4 sides.   This line features a wide variety of colors, surface types and embossing patterns.


– Azek decking is a capped PVC product that is half as heavy as Timbertech boards.  Azek offers 17 colors total across the Vintage, Arbor and Harvest collections.  Azek Vintage will now offer a 50 year warranty against fade and stain.  There are many benefits of this product, but the pricing is a bit higher than Timbertech.

2)  Multiwidth decking for Azek Vintage

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Azek Vintage non-grooved deck boards will now be available in 4”, 6”, and 8” widths in 6 colors.  This will allow our builders and designers more flexibility in offering interesting and attractive flooring layouts.

3)  Avoid “Dandruff” spots on your deck.

Azek / Timbertech cap stock material contains no wood fiber or organic filler.  This prevents white spots to fade unevenly against the darker plastic material.

4)  Fun Fact – The deck industry is a 7-billion-dollar industry.  Low maintenance products such as Azek / Timbertech now make up over 30 percent of the market for deck projects.

5)  Azek Impressions Rail

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Azek now offers a bronze or black aluminum railing system.  This system comes in preassembled panels and is manufactured locally in Eagan, MN.