We Are Builders With a Proven Process

After years of experience in residential construction, we have established a proven process that makes building or remodeling easy for you. You’ll enjoy working with our team and love your beautiful, finished project.

Our Residential Remodel/Build Process

1. Initial Consultation

Within 48 hours of receiving your information, we will contact you via your preferred contact method, phone, or email. This is an informal consultation where we answer any questions you have about what is involved in our process. During this initial consultation, we will also gain a better understanding of the scope of your project. Then, we will schedule our first in-person visit at a time that works for you.

Initial Consultation
house renovation discussion

2. Our First Meeting

Next, we will meet you in your home, allowing us to see the space and discuss the key design elements of your project that lets us bring your vision to life. This ensures we get all the correct information for an accurate estimate. We will take measurements and pictures and show you some of your options for materials and layouts. We encourage you to provide input and share your ideas.

3. Our Second Meeting

Our second meeting usually takes place at our showroom, where we will share samples of building materials, if appropriate, and help you visualize your project. At our custom showroom, we have on display some of the many different products, techniques, and design ideas that we use in our design and building process. This is an opportunity for you to see how different designs and colors can work together and feel the textures of the building materials.

Depending on the needs of your project, we can have our design team create a rendering of your dream project so you can envision your home’s transformation. During this stage, together, we will formalize the details of your project. Once the selections have been made, we will produce a final estimate for your project.

Contract Signing

4. Contract Signing

When you decide to partner with dREamodel for your project, we will document your decisions on colors and materials. Then we will sign the contract. This is where we review the legal items and how we work our payment structure. We will also provide an estimated start date. It is getting real. You are on your way to a transformed home!

5. Pre-Construction

During this stage, our team will prepare for the construction process. Depending on the needs of your project, we will source material, prepare CAD plans, pull permits, prepare schedules for our crew and partners, and receive deliveries. Our team will communicate with you about the job schedule so you can anticipate when the crew and materials will arrive and how long it should take to complete your project.

team at table with papers and laptops
materials are delivered

6. Production/Construction

The job starts when the first materials are delivered. The crew will arrive and connect with you to get set up. They will verify with you where they can set up tools, plug equipment in, and where the debris bag can be placed. The crew will also review the scope of work and projected timeline. Then if demolition is part of your project, that will kick off the building process. Our team will provide updates throughout the process until the project is complete. You are always welcome to communicate with the construction team on-site at the start or end of the work day.

7. Completion

Once the construction process is complete, we will schedule a walk-through with you. During the walk-through, we will go over the project and answer any questions you may have.
Next, we will schedule final inspections with the city and remove the debris. Any remaining extra materials will be picked up and returned to the suppliers. Our team will register the warranties for any manufactured materials used. This makes the process easy and worry-free for you.

We will send a final invoice and collect the final payment. We will take pictures of the completed project to share because we are very proud of our work!

3 people meeting
Beautiful house after renovation

8. Enjoy!

We know you will love the transformation your dREamodel project brings to your home. The enjoyment homeowners get from our craftsmanship is one of the reasons we love coming to work every day.

Why Our Process Is Appreciated

“The build for the new 3 season porch and deck turned out great! They did an excellent job navigating and bringing in all the right specialists for each piece of the build, along with moving along the inspections in a timely manner, and took special consideration to communicate any delays caused by supply shortages. They followed all my design input, so it turned out how I envisioned it would. I appreciate the good work, and now all my friends want a new porch from them too!”

— Greg Schooler

Learn more about our experienced team and the high quality, professional work they’ve been doing in the Twin Cities.

dREamodel Takes the Worry Out of Remodeling

Enjoy the process of transforming your home. The professionals at dREamodel will communicate with you and work with integrity and professionalism. We are great at what we do!