2020 Deck Season? Ya, you betcha!!

Deck on Waterfront MN

Wouldn’t you rather “stay at home” on a new deck like this?

I just wanted to take a moment during these crazy times to say hello again and most importantly let you know that we at dREamodel Inc are thinking of you and hope all is well with you and your family.
In some way or another we have had the pleasure of meeting you. You may be a previous client, current client or hopefully a future client. We are aware that COVID 19 is essentially driving our lives at this point and we have all been affected and it has altered our day to day lives. We certainly have had to change the way we go about our work whether its meeting with clients on the front end to help them design and estimate their projects or the construction of the project itself. I want to assure you that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep both our clients and employees safe. We have been deemed an essential business as far as our deck and porch building divisions. At this point we have halted all of our interior remodel projects and will continue to keep them on hold until it has been determined that it is safe and the responsible decision for us to work on the interiors of our clients homes.
Because we understand the importance of respecting concerns our clients might have, we have changed the initial meeting process for new clients regarding their outdoor projects. We are keeping the meetings outside where we are able to practice social distancing. We still meet you at your home and can gather all necessary measurements for the project. Discuss what the project will look like and products we recommend and offer. Instead of then taking the meeting inside your home we will now work through emails or video to look at options and photos of projects like yours. We will produce 3D renderings and drawings of the future project so everyone is comfortable with what will be produced. Our office / showroom is open by appointment only and I assure you we are keeping the environment here very clean with daily cleaning schedules and have no more than one employee here at a time.
At this point we have kept on our entire office, sales and construction staff and are hoping to continue to do that through this challenging time both to serve you with the best customer service in the industry and to keep everyone here employed full time and weather this pandemic.
If you are considering a new deck or porch project or know of someone who is please feel free to reach out to us so we can get started working on a plan to produce the outdoor project you have been dreaming of. It looks like we will all be spending a bit more time at home this summer and it might as well be enjoyed on a new deck or porch.
Thank you and we wish you health and happiness through these trying times.
Jon Brennhofer, Owner
dREamodel Inc.